【Terror 東方Touhou/Aggro-Industrial】 Deep-Mountain Encounter [Arrange & Mix by Soggates-Nyan]

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In addition to "The Colored Winds of the Golden SteamPunk Mountain of Faith" I present You an arrangement of Sakata's theme.
[Sadly, I managed to upload it not that quickly as I wished, plus there probably are other arrangements around already (On Nemuno's theme) and on respective stage music. I got delayed due to the lack of time for P. C. and rendering of the whole video with audio spectrum has been unexpectedly buggy and I had to drop it in the middle and start all over (That added a few days, yes-yes!). The following really makes me want just to put a single picture instead of all the fancy visual effects and I clearly understand that and I don't want my videos to look "lazy") X____X'''' ]
So, speaking of the music itself: I would recommend to interpret this arrangement as some sort of a short "story". There is no need for vocal part, you just need the instrumental/musical one and some of Your thoughts and imagination.
I really enjoy picturing Sakata-san as a stone-age woman of the whole Gensokyo (For real! How can a "Touhou"~girl with a huge cleaver avoid looking like a "clumsy" character which will inflict a lot of damage if the hit lands?~ x'3) — firstly there is a need to associate this with a character only "within" the terms of the arrangement and art~work.

The track begins and ends in a relatively calm manner (I wanted to give it something oriental and not oriental at the same time. "Desert" motifs despite the fact that Nemuno lives in the mountains where a lot of green stuffs are abundant, yea-a-a-a-a-h....) which symbolizes a preparation and movement towards the end of some "rite". The other part — it's a "hunt for the game" where human acts as "game". A man, whose name we will never find out of course (But it does not matter anyways).
Inside the Gensokyo the current race/class of Sakata is interpreted as something positive, or at very least not dangerous. The logic and the acceptance in the "hybrid" world always differs from the youkai or human logic, so now it's only up to You to guess WHY does she need that huge cleaver FOR REAL?

"The Colorless Wind on Youkai Mountain" (Synth~Orchestral Arrange) here: https://youtu.be/CTs8GDR5auU
Title: The Night Rite of Youkai Adoubement (Cleaver is slicing Your Throat)
Circle: SoggatariaDuätschmatschInc.
Artist/Arranger/Music, "Mix" & Art-Illustration by: Soggates-Nyan (aMURka-chan)
Intro Track (Time: 0:00 ~ 02:29) — Ambient | "Ancient" Music | Ethnic/Oriental.
"Main" Arrangement/Track (Time: 02:30 ~ 10:21) — Terror Industrial | Electro-Industrial.
Outro Track (Time: 10:22 ~ 12:19) — Arabic Oriental Music/Ethnic (Ethnic Eclectic).

Game: 東方天空璋 | Touhou Tenkuushou (№16) ~ "Hidden Star in Four Seasons" (H.S.i.F.S.).
Original Track: 山奥のエンカウンター | "Encounter in the Mountains"/"Deep-Mountain Encounter" [H.S.i.F.S. Stage 2 Boss, Nemuno Sakata's Theme].

Release Date: 16 May 2017
Original Composer: ZUN (上海アリス幻樂団)
~ SoundCloud — https://soundcloud.com/KanarskaSabat
~ BandCamp — https://KanarskaSabat.bandcamp.com
~ DeviantArt — https://www.deviantart.com/I-Ihrebetgatexios

Original Art by //me ("Soggates-Nyan (aMURka-chan)"). x'3

Download (Free!): https://kanarskasabat.bandcamp.com/track/the-night-rite-of-youkai-adoubement-cleaver-is-slicing-your-throat

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