Angry Birds Seasons | Ham'O'Ween #Halloween

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Angry Birds Seasons | Ham'O'Ween #Halloween - Ruslar.Biz

Angry Birds presents a spooky Halloween adventure! The Blue Birds are out trick-or-treating when they run into a big surprise -- the newest Angry Bird! He starts out small, but don't let his looks deceive you. It's going to be all tricks and no treats for the pigs!

Also make sure to check out Ham'o'ween, the newest update for Angry Birds Seasons. Pursue the pigs through 30 levels filled with pumpkin patches, exploding jack-o-lanterns, and creepy skeletons, lit by a full moon and eerie lantern light. Complete all the levels to find some special Halloween surprises!

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Angry Birds Seasons | Ham'O'Ween #Halloween - Ruslar.Biz